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Oct 102012


The pale in color, earthy in taste gram flour or besan. This versatile gluten free flour is often confused with the garbanzo bean flour. And although they kind of are from the same family of chickpeas and can be interchanged, they are from different chickpeas.  Besan is made from grinding bengal gram which is a much smaller

Gram flour is used as a dipping batter for  many of the deep-fried favorites like bhajia, pakode (fritters) . It is also used to make sweets like ladoo. And how can we forget the quintessential punjabi kadhi .  So bring out your secret recipes using this versatile flour and surprise us. this event couldn’t have come at a better time.. with Diwali just around the corner, it is a perfect time to brush up on the skills to make festive stuff.

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  1. linked & Updated with link annoucement

  2. Great event Ansh! Linked Mysore Pak.

  4. Linked another one.. thanks a lot 🙂

  5. Posted two links of facebook album…along with the recipe.. if you have any trouble retrieving the recipe..please inform me.. 🙂

  6. Hi Anshie,
    Linking 2 of my archived entries,reposted under my today’s post of egg curry..:)
    Happy hosting!!

  7. Hey Ansh nice to know you and your lovely blog 🙂

  8. hi ansh , linked your event page .

  9. Hi Ansh, you have such a lovely space here… WIll soon link my entry..


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