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May 282008




Koshur Haakh – Collard Greens cooked in Kashmiri Style ; A staple Kashmiri dish.  These greens are simply cooked, yet taste heavenly. This can be made with Kohl Rabi greens/Kai lan/ spinach/ collard greens as well. In Kashmir we use the Kohl Rabi greens and Haakh .. something that resembles the Kai Lan greens. The greens are called Haakh and the Dish is called Haakh as well.

There is something heavenly about simply cooked green leafy vegetables. It always has a warmth and a nourishing vibe. No wonder then, it is such a well loved dish in the whole vale of Kashmir.


Koshur Haakh or simply put, Kashmiri Greens are best eaten fresh off the stove. They  need to be a bit crunchy and have a nice texture and mouthfeel to them. No one likes an overcooked bowl of greens, especially not collards.


Haakh – Collard Greens Kashmiri Style


  • A bunch of greens [I used collard Greens]
  • 1 tsp oil
  • a pinch of heeng
  • a few green/red chllies
  • 1 +1/2 cup of hot water
  • Salt as per taste


  1. Instructions :-
  2. Wash the greens well and set aside to drain
  3. Cut the greens in broad strips
  4. heat oil
  5. Add heeng
  6. add chillies
  7. Add the water and bring it to a boil
  8. Add the greens
  9. stir once or twice
  10. Add salt.
  11. Let it cook, uncovered for about 7- 10 minutes on med high heat or until the greens are tender. [ You can do this in a pressure cooker. Reduce water to one cup in that case and cook on high heat for 4 minutes]
  12. Eat with rice and some plain yogurt

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  1. Nothing’s better than good ol’ haakh 🙂 gosh! i miss this wonderful food

    • Thankfully I get the monji haakh here (once a blue moon) and also the kai lan which is like haakh. I just made some monji achar 🙂

      • Hi again. how do u make monj achar? and can u use a dehydrator instead of letting them dry in the sun?

        I have spent wayyyy too much time on ur website today. and have all sorts of kashmiri food cravings now. 🙂

        Please please let me know the recipe for monj achaar.

        Many thanks.

  2. Absolutely Delicious! It tasted so good and my kids loved it.


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