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Jan 122016

Polaroid (2018)

Release : 2018-12-26
Country : Norway,United States of America
Language : English
Runtime : 0
Genre : Horror

Streaming Movie Polaroid (2018) Online


Watch Polaroid Full Movie Online Free. Movie ‘Polaroid’ was released in 2018-12-26 in genre Horror.
Polaroid is styled in the vein of The Ring and Final Destination and centers on a high school loner, Bird Fitcher, who stumbles upon a vintage Polaroid camera. Bird soon learns that the camera houses a terrible secret: whoever has their picture taken by it meets a tragic and violent end. The girl and her friends must survive one more night as they race to solve the mystery of the haunted Polaroid before it kills them all.

Streaming Movie Polaroid
(2018) Online

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  1. Great recipe, and even better introduction with it, I enjoyed reading it, and I will definitely try teff flour – if I succeed to find it in Europe…

  2. Injera looks like our Indian dosa looks awesome…..I want to try this……….

  3. I’ve never thought of making injera at home, but I do love the sour flavor for just about anything! I’ll have to try this!

  4. I tried injera once at an Ethiopian restaurant and I thought it was one of the most disgusting things I have ever tasted. Traditionally I think they ferment it for many days which leads to its unpleasantly SOUR taste plus I can’t tolerate the spongy texture however I have met people who love it. I think its just one of those things you either LOVE or HATE…sorry to say I belong to the latter category and because of that I have been hesitant to try teff in any way, shape of form 🙂

    Regardless, yours looks great for the injera lovers….

  5. Love injera. Such an interesting texture, don’t you think? Never tried making it though — I gotta! Thanks for the inspiratin.

  6. I have made Injera before but yours looks absolutely perfect and sooo inviting! Well-done Anshie!

  7. I have tried my hand in Injera before but yours looks so amazing and sooo inviting Anshie. Well done!

  8. I think they make a great presentation. Like you, I plan on working with mine again and updating the results.

  9. I think your Injera look great Anshie — very soft and perfectly holey 🙂 I’ve made them with sourdough starter, but I’m tempted to try your version some time soon.

  10. I wasn’t happy with my injera when I made it. I had to throw the first batch out. The second batch was okay but I did have success with my Teff crepes today so I guess that is a win. Your injera looks much better than mine.

  11. Such an interesting looking bread and I love your little lesson too! I’ve got to learn more about Ethiopian food. Great post.

  12. Anshie, the injera looks so good, the spongy texture that it usually requires to scoop up the stew. I love the red one more than the white injera.

  13. Your injera sure looks good to me, Anshie! I’ve only eaten at an Ethiopian restaurant once but I really enjoyed everything from the injera “plate” to the extras that were served along with it.

  14. I’ve done a bit of Ethopian cooking but somehow, never made injera even though it’s an important part of the cuisine. Thanks for inspiring me to give it a go! Your injera looks so inviting.


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