Lamb Chelo Kebab

Lamb Chelo Kebab

Thinking about Persian food brings to mind the dazzling sabzi khordan, array of kebabs, magnificent naans & pilafs and also the saffron, pistachios, rose petals & rose water, preserved limes and barberries. I grew up in a house where Persian was just as common a language as Urdu, Kashmiri and English. Persian poetry couplets were interspersed into everyday talking and it was just a normal way of having a conversation. The Persian influence in Kashmir is not limited to arts, architecture and language. It also has been a huge influence on the food in the valley of Kashmir. This could …


Galouti Kebab – Melt in the Mouth Kebab

Kebabs or Kebobs have captured the imagination of the entire world. The taste of meat, marinated with herbs and/or spices and grilled on fire pits, ovens or in tandoors is not something one can forget easily. Add to that, the numerous ways kebabs are made – cut into cubes and skewered, minced and made into patties, cooked in a tandoor or on open fire, and in case of Doner Kebabs/ Shwarma, sliced meat is cooked on a rotating spit.  Since the method of cooking is rather fast and over high heat, most kebabs have a prolonged marination with spices, natural acids …